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Humid Fulvic Acid Benefits

Fulvic acid (FvA), one such NHP, comes from humic substances produced by microorganisms in soil. Traditional medicine and modern research claim FvA can modulate the immune system, influence the oxidative state of cells, and improve gastrointestinal function; all of which are hallmarks of diabetes

The common cold and related bronchial asthma and respiratory illnesses from infection, can be rapidly cured when patients are treated with fulvic acid. Humic and Fulvic can even help you get more out of your other supplements by supporting their absorption.

GI Health

The health of our digestive systems is under frequent attack by pesticide residues, medications, and poor food choices. Overtime, the intestinal lining that prevents unwanted bacteria, toxins, and food particles from entering the body can become damaged. As a result, inflammation and leaky gut develops and our ability to absorb nutrients declines.

Fortunately, humic acid can help reduce this damage by supporting healthy bacterial balance, binding with harmful substances like glyphosate, and potentially decreasing the production of inflammatory cytokines (TNFɑ and IL-6).

Immune Function

Humic acid helps support immune function in 2 primary ways. First, it acts as a prebiotic fiber. These fibers are for having a robust and healthy gut microbiome. The friendly bacteria that make up this microbiome are the front line of our immune system. They begin attacking bacterial and viral pathogens in the GI tract.

Brain Health

Our brains are under constant attack by free radicals, but fulvic acid may help limit the number of active free radicals in the body through its antioxidant potential.

Additionally, our brains can experience a build up of abnormal tau proteins. Tau proteins are essential in the proper functioning of our neurons, but when they mutate, our bodies are not able to effectively remove them. Thus, they build up and become a contributing factor to various degenerative cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Fulvic acid has shown in test tube studies to effectively reduce the accumulation of abnormal tau proteins and may help slow the development and progression of these diseases.

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